Monday, May 3, 2010

Some Coole Notes on Ireland

Today, we actually had class (ha ha), and so this post seemed like a good one to catch you up on some interesting tidbits we have noticed about Ireland. I of course have not told you about the people running the trip, all of whom are pretty funny. Dorothy Todd, who is also on the trip, actually just wrote about them in her blog, and you should definitely read over the characters so that you can fully understand what is going on! (Mom: click on Dorothy's name to see her post) So anyway, notes on today:
  • Today, Kimber and I were walking out past the town and saw two swans. I have been waiting my whole trip to see swans, and they were beautiful!
  • For our second class, we watched the movie The Crying Game, which was very confusing and I'm sure not entirely sure what it had to do with Irish history.
Notes on Ireland as a whole:
  • All of their brand names are different! For instance, Ruffles potato chips are called Walkers! Weird! Also, most of the food somehow tastes different. Maybe because it is more pure air out here in the country :-)
  • I can hear birds almost all times of the day. Sitting in any room at any time generally results in hearing some type of happy Irish bird- again probably something to do with the purity factor.
  • There are yellow flowers everywhere that the Irish think are weeds, but cover the landscape and make it beautiful. They are called gorse, and Kimber, another Ireland blogger, has written about them here.
  • There are sheep dotting the landscape everywhere. I have longed to get a good picture of them, but so far, they are very elusive.
I of course planned more and attempted memorialize a lot of cuter, more interesting facts in my head. Fail. Expect this post to be edited soon!

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