Friday, April 23, 2010

Ireland Trip, Take 2!

OK. So Dorothy and I did not get to go to the epic first part of our journey because of the Icelandic Volcano. This is of course very sad, and we hope to complete this course of travel one day :-( I have gotten to do some great activities here in the U.S., however. Sparing you the mundane details of a college student on an average spring break, I have in fact visited Red Robin in Maryland, helped Chad find a new cat (!!), learned how to use a Wii, and even visited Dorothy's cattle farm in Georgia! We also went through some beautiful Antebellum neighborhoods driving back from the airport. The break has been very relaxing, and its great to see my friends' homes. Not quite Italy, of course-- but we are only considering that trip on hold!!!!!!

As of right now, we should be going to actual Ireland on Saturday and getting there on Sunday. To prepare for the trip, I am reading:
Object Lessons by Eavan Boland (the Irish poet I will be writing my thesis on next year)
The Aran Islands by J.M. Synge (a famous Irish nationalist playwright-- its about the islands we will be visiting later!)
The Complete Poems of W.B. Yeats
Cosmopolitan Magazine (just kidding, ha ha)

In the mean time, stay tuned!

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