Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcome to Catherine's Irish Travel Blog! I got the idea to keep y'all updated from Sarah's Travel Blog (, and hope to make it as cool- but no promises :-) It looks like a great way to check in and keep a recorded diary of what we do every way while still keeping everyone else updated so that they don't have to look at the thousands of pictures to see what my trip is like :-) Here is the schedule for the next 9 weeks:
  • now to April 18th: attempt to finish finals at W&L and go home to pack frantically
  • April 18th: meet Dorothy in D.C. and fly to EUROPE!!!
  • April 19th-21st: visit Sarah in Florence and possibly visit Lucca, where my mom's mom's family is originally from.
  • April 21st-23rd: leave Sarah (sad) and take the traint to Geneva, Switzerland
  • April 23rd-25th: take the train to Paris and stay with Dorothy's friend from high school
  • April 25th-May 22nd: start actual classes living in Tralee, Ireland ( and tour the Dingle Peninsula (!
  • May 22nd-June 5th: the class moves from the countryside to the city-- Dublin!
  • June 5th-June 13th: Class ends, and my family and I are off to live in the English countryside for a week and a half :-)

Stay tuned!

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